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Miami Elite Investigators is the Private Investigator Company leading the industry. M.E.I is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ specific needs are handled in an adequate, honest, and timely manner. The Miami Elite Investigators service is represented through the industry by the five core values: Character Good character includes being respectful and courteous, being faithful and diligent and using discretion, demonstrating compassion and exhibiting courage. Honesty includes integrity, credibility, acting honorably, adhering to the facts and maintaining confidences. Striving for Justice includes just treatment, the quality or characteristics of being just, fair and non-discriminatory.


Public Trust includes maintaining public confidences, being law- abiding and adhering to recognized industry standards. Respect for the laws and constitutions of this state and nation. Our team has sworn to uphold these values, fostering a culture of success. Miami Elite Investigators also holds each Investigator to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. M.E.I has developed a highly-trained workforce and which is one of our agencies greatest assets, we empower each investigator to realize their full potential and more.

Result Driven

Many clients prefer to use Miami Elite Investigators as their Miami private investigator service provider. Since our team understands that clients expect more than tireless efforts and outstanding results from our Agency. Our investigators are committed to our client’s from the beginning to achieve the truths necessary for peace of mind. Miami Elite Investigators uses the most up to date technologies. Our agency adapts to specific client needs to provide them with the services they deserve.

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